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Friday, January 22.

Are we ready for boring? Today’s front page has just one article focusing on that guy who was president, that guy whose name I will never mention again. This article, not particularly interesting and certainly not sexy, was about the losers he pardoned, a couple of sleazy thieves who stole millions from you and me. A boring report of a few white people who, not only were let out of jail, but no longer owe the money they stole. Kind of makes you wish you were one of them.

The rest of the news won’t get your motor running. President Joe is pushing masks, is looking into Russian hacking, the Midtown bus terminal is deteriorating and needs repair. Again, nothing that will make you jump out of your shorts. …


Bill Liebeskind

Painter, writer, thinker, parent, golfer, reader, chess player, boyfriend, wine drinker, laugher, crossword puzzle ace, and basically a nice guy.

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